Nearly impossible to place a rock cache.

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Something has gone terribly wrong with placing rock caches. They will not go down on most, almost all, open ground. I have ended up creeping around clearings crouched trying to find a seemingly random spot where the placement icon starts flashing madly between red and green then clicking over and over until I just by chance happen to click on a green flash.

If this is an intended behaviour, I would like to know what is a “valid” location for a rock cache.

screen_(1284, 391, 2344)_abac8b83-4166-4a22-93cb-97d3a3ddda6e.png


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The image double uploaded, so I deleted one.
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I haven’t tried it extensively, but also had the same weird experience trying to place one near the burned building by the lake in ZoC. Totally flat, yet giving an ‘invalid location’ error almost everywhere, but next to the lake.

Not sure why…

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