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-See resources when preparing for sleep

      I often have to keep coming back to see if I'm properly fed before going to sleep, so I don't take thirst damage

- See resources when on inventory

    I don't like to leave left overs, when I'm going to each a piece I like to make sure it's gone, so here I also have to keep coming back to see how much hunger/thirst I have in order to eat certain food. There's also the problem that some food also recover thirst, and I have to double check if this is going to waste or not.

- Visible status of clothing (when fully repaired)

     It took me a long time (more than 300 days into voyager + 100 days into stalker + Full campaign) to realize that the condition of a clothing changes it status dynamically. First I thought I just needed to keep it well above breaking, and that was all. So I use to compare all clothing as it was, before equipping, that led me lose so many good and better clothing, become it was on bad condition. When I realize that condition would affect it status, I had to rely on external sources of the game (Wikki) to see a clothing status before deciding to repair and keep it. The game could show us the "current/fully repaired", or "Current (Fully repaired)" status of a clothing

- Quick Stats (default Tab) should show your stamina

- Hitting "forward" should cancel auto-move

      This is how it work on most games, so I think The long Dark should abide. Here it will only cancel auto-move if you hit "backwards". It almost got me killed quite a few times by walking into a cliff's edge

- Option to Unload Storm lantern

      What I do get the oil out is harvest it, which take 1h.

-   Pain / headache could disable stereo 

        By disabling stereo you can't tell the direction of a sound source, it could be that or having the sound coming at random positions at you. I had this idea when playing with my speakers inverted, so I realize how dangerous it can be, you automatically keep facing the sound source, even when you know it's not right. Not knowing where a wolf or a bear is could be your last mistake. This is to give pain and headache a more impactful menace, because as it is now, I just don't bother with them.

- Option to bind a key for every item or Have a specific key for flare gun

    I'm not sure how to make this better, but my problem is the following: When I hit "weapon" shortcut the character pull the weapons is a specific order: Pistol - Rifle - Bow - Flare gun. So when I'm hunting bear/moose I like to drop my bow on the ground, so from the Rifle it goes to flare gun (if things get nasty), and that's really cumbersome. We could be able to:

Change the order of the weapon on our menu-wheal (so it cycles the way we want) OR, a simple keybind specific for Flare Gun, due to it's importance and urgency.


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