Barbs Rifle bugged?


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Today im playing a Gunloper Custom, looted the barbs rifle, left it in the travois while looting the other houses around... and when i was back to Quonset, there was another barbs rifle leaning to the wall. I dont think thats intended, since there is no respawn of items apart of beachcombing.

Any1 else experienced that?

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In my current run (approaching 800 days) I've had respawned Vaughn's Rifle (three of them), Woodright's Bow (two so far), and a repeatedly spawning car battery in the Quonset Garage (8 or 9 before it finally stopped reappearing), as well as the usual multi-drop sticks & such. But no Curator's rifle yet, curiously. So yeah, there are still some spawn glitches at the moment.

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