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Hey speedrunners I need your help. 
After more than 2 years of absence, I started speedrunning in TLD again a few days ago with the Whiteout Challenge.
Now I see that a lot has changed.
The body at "Waterfront Cottage" doesn't seem to be there anymore (because of the hatchet), and I didn't see the hatchet in the tree stump at "Log Sort" either.
The rifle also doesn't seem to spawn in all of the old locations anymore.
Can someone please give me an update on this. @Lohaan ??
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The whole loot table has been changed, and rifles have become a lot rarer now.. I'm not entirely sure how or even if that will affect the challenges though.. 

Rifles became reduced after the variants of them were added..  and I don't know if the variants will count but you could try the lower and middle dam ,or winding river for at least one of them. 

Good luck

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Hey  @Goodzilla yeah all the speedruns have been changed since new loot tables were introduced and the introduction of new rifles and gear.  Whiteout not really sure whats happening there. As @Leeanda mentions, loot tables made rifle spawn rarer. Nobody has really come forward with anything revolutionary for Whiteout at this point the speedruns are quiet for Whiteout right now. The leaderboards on speedrun.com will also have to be reset at some point because of all the nerfs and updates but probably only after Episode 5 releases. 

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