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Been a while since I checked in with the forums.

Anyway, I've got an issue where the snow textures appear to be missing from my game, resulting in everything looking like it's just kinda floating in empty space.  I can confirm this is basically happening everywhere in my game currently.  Has anybody reported something like this before? Anybody else getting this?

Using a Mac laptop, using OS 10.14, verified integrity of game files.  I haven't played previously since October, but I wasn't getting any issues like this before.

Screen Shot 2023-12-15 at 1.01.31 PM.png

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12 hours ago, Ansible said:

Can you walk on the invisible snow? Because that would be awesome.

Yes, I can walk on it.  Collision is still there, but all the visible stuff is gone.  It makes it harder because you can't plan for where you're going and can easily walk along spots that will get you injured without knowing it.

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