(Minor situational) Bug: Transfer items into Container


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Discovered that apparently when one wants to move something into a container the game considers the total amount of the source (i.e. what the character has in inventory) compared to the available space in the container and if the available space would be exceeded then does not show the Transfer UI.  

Example: Metal container, capacity 15 kg.  Have in inventory 120 sticks, weight 18 kg.  The game looks at the source (you) and determines that there is no way that 120 sticks would fit into the container that can hold 100 sticks and will not show the Transfer UI.  Drop 20 sticks so the inventory count is 100 sticks and then the game would show the Transfer UI because 100 sticks could fit into the container.  (I think I got this right).

Initially encountered when I had 99 sticks in a backpack in Trapper's and wanted to add one more while having 25 in inventory and WFH? can't put it in.  Initially unloaded all the sticks from the backpack and then could put 100 sticks into the backpack.  At that point I  think I had too many sticks to fit in the backpack but I vaguely remember that it seemed to work. I was a bit upset at the moment.  :(

Was thinking so the update introduced a bug about putting stuff into a container though not quite as straight-forward as I initially thought.  

Later, when I figured it out.  I had a container with 75 sticks (capacity 100 sticks) and I had 27 sticks in inventory.  Can't get Transfer UI so, based on what I figured out, I dropped 2 sticks on the floor then I could get the UI and move those 25 sticks into the container.  Just have to be aware of that for now.  

Situational but can be infuriating at times.  

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Not precisely sure about my example.
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