SYURP!!!!! please~?


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if you added taps into the game we could make our own homemade maple syurp, it's not super difficult. you take your maple sap (basically natural sweet water) boil it for several hours an boom you have syurp! we could even reuse the maple syurp bottles already in game an just make them fillable like the jerrycan.

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I did some research on this topic because it came up on the TLD modding server. Birch trees are commonly tapped and used to make syrup, and it’s not too hard, but it is highly time consuming. Tapping birch trees is something you could reasonably do to make birch syrup and drizzle your pancakes with it. As far as realism goes though, there is one hitch: you can’t usually tap trees in winter, they don’t produce sap. Generally trees are tapped in early spring, right as trees are coming out of hibernation and they are needing to move a lot of nutrients, so they’re producing a lot of sap. I might make a mod that allows tapping birch trees eventually, join the modding server and keep an eye out.

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