Forsaken Airfield isn’t so bad


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Some regions come into view and fill you with animosity and dread they are brutal and dangerous like the inlet, some regions are love at first sight, ash canyon for me, but some regions take some time to get to know and Forsaken Airfield is one of those, it’s vastness can seem daunting and overwhelming but once you’ve become familiar in its winds and turns then it becomes a very beautiful place to call home 




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I'd love if one of the two cottages was closer to the airfield [and they both had functioning kitchen counters]. They'd be very sweet places to live but they feel so crammed up against the edge of the world to me, I also don't love Trapper's because of this. And then there's so much trekking up and down if you stay at one of them.... I spent some time there on my current run, trying to acquaint myself, because I agree it's quite neat when looking at the whole region, but the locations of those shelter options just kills me.

And then there's the fancy fog which I would rather not have in my game at all.

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