Kind of newbie question: ideal temperature achieved with clothing


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As it says on the tin--what is the ideal temperature to try to achieve with clothing? I am playing exclusively on Pilgrim level. My char seems happy enough with 24 degrees of clothing--becoming too cold is not an issue. But wondering if there is some rule of thumb? Or just general guidance?

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In pilgrim, the protection value isn't a factor; so really what you're looking to juggle is warmth, wind and waterproofness while maintaining a good level of stamina.  There is at least one area of the map where having the least restrictive amount of clothing on you is very important.  Generally, the warmest and heaviest clothing is also the most restrictive on movement - and you don't need them in pilgrim.  People have successfully done long-term "naked" runs; so as a general rule - go with the lightest and least restrictive clothing that keeps you warm enough.

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