Menu system for food prep.


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My only problem is that prepared acorns and acorn grounds still only appear under the main crafting tab and are not repeated under the medicines tab.  Prepared Burdock, Prepared Birch Bark, etc. appear under both tabs.  I realize that the acorns do not make a medicine, but they are not really a cooked item yet either.  Still, I always seem to look for them under the medicines tab first before remembering that they only appear in the main.

I like that the cooking menu allows us to view the required ingredients for each recipe we have without actually being at a fire and that it divides the items that require a cooking pot from those that require a skillet - although I can really see what would prevent anyone from making a small stew or serving of porridge in a skillet that holds a litre of water if no other more suitable pot was available.😀

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I know this isn't exactly what you're talking about, but I does kinda irk me a little that you can only do food prep on the new recipes when you already have a fire going - mise en place is a thing y'know! Given that most of the new recipes do require some prep time before you even start to cook them - prep time which I'm not sure is ever actually listed anywhere - it would make sense if you could do the prep separately, then light your fire and start cooking only after everything's ready. It would help make your cook timing a little easier to plan if you're making several dishes at the same time - as it stands now, that's kinda difficult.

As for the menu system itself, it seems generally okay, and I do like that it's clearly been set up with the intent to add more recipes in future too - the empty recycled can recipes tab alone makes this pretty obvious. I agree with UpUp that there could maybe be a little more flexibility in which cooking vessels you can use for some of the recipes, and as someone who tends to be kinda experimental in my own cooking, it'd be great if you could try maybe tweaking some of the recipes, but I do understand why these would be difficult features to implement within the game system.

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