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I'm really excited to see what enhancements the upcoming base customization dlc is gonna bring us.  In the meantime, I'd love to see some taxidermy added to my list of crafting options using the workbench.  It doesn't seem like it would take to much to be able to craft these items on your homebase workbench as Hinterland already has these assets available in the game.  The community hall already has these three trophy mounts in the game. 



This stag would be awesome to craft.  


You'd need a big wall to put this on!


I'd hang these outside for sure!

I'd be happy just to have these made available, although I would also like to see some wolf heads and the bear.  I could see the hunting lodge being outfitted with a bear.  Seems logical and lore friendly that the old rich landowner would have had a bear trophy mounted in his hunting lodge.  Please make this possible Hinterland, please!

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I hope at least some such decorations also serve a purpose besides being simply decorative. I mean I would eventually get around to crafting decorative items just for something to do, but in the short term a little tangible benefit would be nice.

Like actually being able to use stag antlers to mount a pair of revolvers/distress pistols, or moose antlers to mount a rifle/bow. Maybe mounted wolf heads on pikes outside would have a scare chance for wolves that get within range. Or stuffed rabbits/ptarmigans act as decoys to create trap/hunting zones. Whatever makes sense given the properties of the item in question.

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