Cooking 5 Any% Speedrun


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Spawned at Milton, and by the grace of the Grey Mother herself, got a whopping 4 cans of oats. The usual Symphony of Cooking occurred, but this time lasting a whopping 48 hours straight. Between the piles of porridge, the pies, and the pain, I managed to get to Cooking 5 within 4 days of spawning in.




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Another version you could theoretically do in just your first day or two is to cut .1-.2 kgs of meat off a bear, or moose and cook the hundreds of tiny meat nuggets, I don’t speedrun cooking, but theoretically if you got a gun and a knife on day 1, killed a bear, skinned it into tiny pieces which each take about 2 minutes to cook. Then cook all the meat, you might be able to pull it off sooner.

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