Playing with mods - Orca Gas station under new management


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It all started with discovering the dual king freight liner that was abandoned just on the other side of the collapsed tunnel leading into Mountain Town.  It was a heck of a wreck considering it was the last shipment of supplies heading into the area.



I managed to haul an assortment of goods out of there and have slowly begun to stock the stores shelves in the ole Orca Gas station.



Stepping in the first thing you might notice is all these brand new batteries.  We got the power!



Our counters are slowly filling up with all your favorite items.  From flour to long grain rice and cups of noodles, we got crackers and cornflakes too!



Our ready to eat section features some fresh soups, stews and flatbreads.  Sorry about the microwave though, it only works under certain conditions...



The truck was carrying the latest in home gardening products, so if you've ever wanted to start that indoor greenhouse, come see us.  From soil to fertilizer
there's also a wide range of seeds available too.



Our snack wall may be meager for now, but at least we got a little variety.  Roasted almonds and crispy crab snack crackers go well with ketchup chips and 
beef jerky.  Still some unopened boxes of treats back in the truck so who knows what we'll have to offer in the upcoming weeks.



Like cold drinks?  We've got a tremendous variety to offer now.  From energy drinks to exotic sodas, and of course two different varieties of beer.
For you coffee lovers, check out our cold brewed lattes and specialty teas. 



Management has been keeping busy, getting up well before dawn each morning in order to prepare nourishing and delicious soups, stews and baked goods.
The ole farmhouse kitchen is busy round the clock, for a blind little ole lady, Grey Mother sure knows her way around the kitchen.



Brought to the store each morning, you can find everything from peach pies to pancakes, fishcakes and bread.
Be sure to try out the venison pies and ptarmigan tarts.  So delicious!



Canned goods and Cookware items.  Got your pots and pans, canned corn and ham!  Spaghetti, beef stew and little cans of jalapenos too!
Pineapple, Mangos and Pears.  Oh my!



There's even a hardware and camping section where you'll find an eclectic assortment of items.  From paddles to pistols and all the things you might need.



First aid supplies are in limited supply, but we do have both traditional medicines as well as homeopathic remedies.   Got insulin and morphine too!



In order to serve you better, there's even a bed where you can get a little rest!



Welcome Barter Town.  We don't take cash, so bring your bullets and bun wads!  Let's make a deal real soon!



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Gosh this is amazing looking! Love the little details too! The ptarmigans and rabbits on the front counter presumably getting traded in for goods, the broken ATM with wads of cash stuffed into it, the pile of water bottles on the broken shelf in the fridge, and the energy drink that's just apart of the faucet in the bathroom now.

Fantastic little story, and amazing placement of items! If I didn't know the context of the game, I'd think that this was some sort of shop sim.

The different mods just brings the whole thing together! All of the baked goods, new canned and bottled items, if I don't stop myself now I'm going to keep rambling on how cool this all is!

10/10 would trade moose hide for cookies again!

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@Glflegolas got a variety of mods going here;


Food Pack by 'TKG' v5.1 by Thekillergreece Previously by WulfMarius ds5678

Foods by 'Calorie Waltz' v1.0.5 by Waltz

Noodles by 'TKG' v1.5 by Thekillergreece Previously by stmSantana

Ambient Lights v2.8.1 by Xpazeman 
This mod aims to modify the default lightning for interiors with windows, making them brighter so you don't need a light source during midday to move around, and also more reflective of what's happening outside (time of day, weather, and sun position).

Better Bases v1.1.0 by Xpazeman 
Mod for The Long Dark that allows players to improve their bases in multiple ways: Most furniture can be moved (if you have cleared it of clutter first), most broken cabinets and drawers can be fixed, most of the clutter on interiors can be removed and some of it can also be moved.

CozyCushions v1.6.0 by Digitalzombie 
14 craftable pillows; sit on other objects like chairs, benches, toilets; optional buffs

FullSwing v1.0.0 by Digitalzombie 
Adds options to modify swing speed and radius of fridge doors

Placing Anywhere v2.6 by Xpazeman

CozyBlankets v1.4.1 by Jods-Its Previously by ds5678

Indoors Greenery v3.0.0 by Jods-Its 
Make your own indoor farm and regrow plants.

TLD-Morphine v1.3 by Atlas Lumi, Thekillergreece 
Adds Morphine as a usable item

there are a few more, but not that you can see them in these screenshots so I haven't included them in this list.  



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