Lighting a fire from a lamp.


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It's not something we can have in game, as @BugReportEnthusiast says, but it's a cool thing IRL and an interesting video! Thank you for sharing.

I've often thought that when harvesting a lantern we ought to get a firestriker, but even that would be OP because firestarting is a core challenge of the game and we don't want to make it trivial at all.

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You're right. My lantern is lit by a match. It does not have automatic ignition. Perhaps to make matches a more important resource, you can light a lantern with matches. That is, a match will be wasted to light the lantern. And matches will be a very expensive resource!

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The lamp in the game seems to be like a hybrid between a pressure lamp like a Coleman / Tilley lamp (because of what it looks like, the striker, and the noise it makes) and a normal hurricane lamp / kerosene lamp that uses matches, and could conceivably burn fish oil.

I suppose you could light a fire with the flame of a Coleman lamp, but it would be very delicate and likely to cause you to break the mantle.

You could easily light a fire with a hurricane lamp flame, but then you'd need a match to light it in the first place.

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