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So, I have a pretty decent idea for something that could be added into the game, Flint. You would be able to find flint pretty rarely in caves and near cliffs that occasionally drop stones, it could be like a 2.5% chance that instead of dropping a stone, it drops a shard of flint. Flint would be able to be used for many things, 1 flint and 1 scrap metal and you could make a flint and steel, which is a renewable, decent fire starter that would be about as good as a fire striker. You could also make flint arrowheads, which you would be able to craft the same way as other arrows, but without needing to forge them, flint arrows would be a bit weaker durability and damage wise. And maybe even be able to make flint knives and hatchets, which would be unrepairable, but since flint is renewable, you would be able to make them indefinitely. They also would be slightly worse, damage wise, durability wise, and harvesting time wise than the improvised metal variants. 

Potential crafting recipes:

Flint and Steel: 1 scrap metal, 1 flint

Flint Arrowheads x3: 1 stone, 1 flint

Flint Arrow: 1 cured birch sapling, 3 feathers, 1 flint arrowhead (requires workbench)

Flint Knife Blade: 1 stone, 1 flint

Flint Knife: 1 stick, 1 cured gut, 1 flint knife blade (requires workbench)

Flint Hatchet Head: 1 stone, 2 flint

Flint Hatchet: 1 fir firewood, 2 cured guts, 1 flint hatchet head (requires workbench)

All the recipes are renewable, they would be good for the early game, and for when you inevitably run out of sharpening stones for the metal tools.

               Flint shards                                                  Flint and Steel                                    A Flint Arrowhead                     

                         Flint Knife                                                         Flint Hatchet


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I think this is a great idea! To balance them, they should have terrible durability and effectiveness, so on interloper there is still a reason to go to the forge and make improvised tools.

Effectiveness wise, it could take almost double the time to craft/breakdown stuff with. 

And durability wise, they can't be repaired and take 10% condition damage from most actions 

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Yes that’s what I was thinking, it would just be better to have metal tools, but they would be good early game, and when you run out of sharpening stones. A side note, the knives should be decently durable, flint is really sharp irl, but it’s also brittle, so if it’s used for cutting actions it should be decently durable, loosing about ~3-4% condition, they should lose more durability when chopping wood or stabbing an annoying wolf as flint can chip and shatter if there is too much force applied.

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