The Title Card of my Crossover Story- "Great Bear Island - Hell Frozen Over", showing off the main cast of characters!

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After a long time, it is done! A piece showing off the Mystery Lake Five, as some call them, as well as the disguised and not-so-disguised denizens of Hell that either wound up on Great Bear by accident or found their way there on purpose. And of course, The Great Bear itself, looming ominously, ever present. 

Created by Charlotte, the piece has given me a wonderful base off of which I can show off my characters in visual art, not just textual one. It also allowed me to put the images from my head onto paper, as in I am able to finally see the Mystery Lake Five in flesh so to speak, their faces now shown for everyone to see :D

If anyone wants to check the story out, you can do so here
And if anyone wants to check out what other art Charlotte has, you can visit her profile here 

And of course, any and all questions are welcome, I'm happy to answer them!

Great Bear Island-Hell Frozen Over.png

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