Wolf followed me up the stairs???


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First time this ever happened to me. 
Playing stalker, I'm heading up the hill towards the fire watch tower in ML carrying the bounty of my recent kill so my smell-o-meter was off the scale 
and as I'm getting towards the top of the stairs, the vista prompt flashed on my screen reminding me to sketch the location on my map.  I get the charcoal
out and as I begin sketching all of a sudden a wolf attacks me.  Right there on top of the stairs. 

I'm momentarily stunned as I thought it was impossible for wolves to walk up the stairs, let alone all the switch backs leading upstairs! 
We struggle back and forth and I'm totally stabbing the beast, but not before he chomps me pretty good.  I quickly retreat into the bunkroom and close the door. 
After patching myself up, I venture back outside on the deck to finish my sketch which had been previously interrupted to find the wolf dead down on the next landing!


Definitely the weirdest thing I've experienced yet in this game.

So is this wolf behavior a new thing, cause it's pretty scary awesome if the wolf AI can stalk you like this!

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