Condition of items when stacked ?


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Not sure but I thought they fixed an issue with conditioning when stacking items ? I had a fairly fresh dear hide  and the condition was 89 % I harvested a new dear hide and both hides were showing 100% condition  in my inventory. I also noticed that my rabbit skins had cured ,(all at different condition % )once I picked them all up they all had reverted to the same condition %..

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I think it’s a bug I did a little experiment  I had picked up 3 rabbit pelts and they all reverted to the same condition of 86 % I dropped them all and picked up another rabbit pelt which was 67% I then picked up the original 3 pelts so I had all 4 in my inventory  and they all showed as 67% … I then got chased by an angry moose which wasnt  relevant to the experiment 😂😂😂

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 Further explanation and demonstration of the exploit: 

On 7/9/2023 at 10:10 AM, ManicManiac said:

I knew there were some issues with stacking and item condition...
I was a bit distressed to realize we can exploit it to boost the condition of otherwise like items.

I just found this with matches.

After shuffling them around... all my wood matches are 90% and the carboard matches are now all 87%

If I add matches to an inventory (pack or container - doesn't matter), the matches that are being transferred just merges with the extant stack.  If the condition of the stack it's joining is of higher condition... we effectively reset the condition for that item (because it's erroneously merging with another stack).

Reporting and opening a ticket later... This is madness. 🤭

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