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On 6/27/2022 at 5:04 PM, conanjaguar said:

Welcome to the forums, @Predaz!

I have always wanted to do the Archivist challenge. Your video has inspired me to try it soon.


Thank you,  hope you continue following ! And good luck for you run. 


On side note, 2nd episode is ready for editing :)

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Posted (edited)

Hello, Episode 3 is Up, and for this we got some close encounters with wolfs, Got lucky one time, but then a rookie mistake and baammm, Wolf got a taste.


Hope you enjoy.

(Ps how do i shrink the preview above?, send me a inbox, i dont want to Destroy forum visual)😉

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  • 2 weeks later...

The Challenge Continues and in this video EP 5 after jumping to the Carter Dam and a nice walk in winding river, I reached Pleasant valley! Stay tuned for unpleasant valley spaghetti  on EP6.



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Today i bring you the coastal Highway( and crumbling highway) challenge, created in FB comunity group, "The Long Dark Gaming community" ,

Rules are survive as much as you can in Coastal and Crumbling and do not acess Tunnels with passage. The Difficulty is your call, i pick up Interloper 🙀.


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