Mod maps (regions) should be linkable to the existing game world (with a proposal for how to do it)

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Regarding modding, since judging by the latest announcement about episode 4, it seems likely that it will be a thing at some point in the future...

...assuming the existence of mod maps (please!), I'd love to see this feature:
Use some of the game world's empty caves as mod connection points (disabling achievements for mod-linked worlds); if there are no mods active they'd remain the usual caves, but there'd be a menu option when starting a new game to choose from your list of installed mod regions and bind their entrance points to whichever mod connection points you'd like. That'd be freaking sweet - mod maps accessible from the stock game world, and in a configuration of the user's choosing.

Additionally, or at bare minimum if none of the above is implemented, I hope there will be the ability to create custom connections from one mod map to another, so we can build our own little worlds.

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