Warmest temperature on Great Bear?


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I got to admit, this is a very warm day. I am holding a torch, so the air temp is probably around -2C, but still... this is VERY warm for TLD.

Did I mention that this is in the Forlorn Muskeg in Interloper (Day 6)? And there's no fog? I must have picked the nicest day to travel possible, lol.


screen_(482, -132, 225)_d371c350-37ab-4657-a03a-a66ca4f3e8a6.png

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This isn't so unusual. The beginning of Interloper just isn't all that cold. It only feels that way because of the horrible starting clothing. It's only when the temperature decay sets in that things get truly cold.

Also note that it's getting towards late afternoon. That's the warmest part of the day. Mornings are much colder.

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