Ps5? Any benefits?


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Hi all I don’t have a ps5 but an upgraded TLD would probably go most of the way to justifying one :) I’ve seen varying reports about the benefits but the best I’ve seen implies the frame rate being locked at 30fps. This is still pretty good as the PS4 rate varies quite a lot. Anybody have direct experience please?


(I’m assuming the ps5 black screen bugs are fixed now?)

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tbh: with TLD still in development and episode 4 being in the horizon, i think a ps5 version is a case for a successor. Nothing to flip over time schedules for in order to make a version for a console nobody can get due to poor availability. But who knows. Hinterland surprised with a PS4 Version out of nowhere and i can see the bringing TLD on PS5 after WIntermute is complete.

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Ah I was thinking it sort of took care of itself like backward compatibility but with a theoretical list of possible benefits. Yeah if they need to make a specific version for it then I can see it’ll be low on the list 

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