A couple of quality of life improvements that would be nice


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1. Being able to pick up sticks and rocks more easily

Whenever I click on a stick or rock, it always means that I want to pick it up so requiring 2 clicks to do that is just annoying. Also, if you pick up something when auto-walking, the walking stops. This should be disabled at least for stuff like sticks that you pick up constantly.

2. Being able to hide some of the texts

After playing for tens or hundreds of hours, the average player probably already knows what a "metal table" or a "chair" is, so there should be an option to disable the texts that pop up when you look at those sorts of things. The white dot would still be there so you would know what you can interact with, but the texts are just unnecessary. Maybe there should also be an option for doing the same thing to the "search X" texts. The (empty) text should be kept, though.

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100% agree. 

Shift click for an auto pickup maybe.

Disabling all HUD visuals also could be nice for immersion. I can see a slight issue as you can’t always tell exactly what your cursor is on (looking at a pile of dropped items, trying to pick up that loose bullet in a corner) but the option would be nice.

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