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Hey guys,

if there is one thing i would love to see added to the game, it is more statistic in the journal. Especially topic and region specific statistics.

Sure...., most of it wouldnt really have a lot of inpact on the game and would only satisfiy statistic freaks like me. But I think the region specific statistics could come in very handy.

Some of the already existing counter could be easily put in there as well. For example:

Mystery Lake:
Explored: 87%
Days spent here: 47
Wolf Encounters: 42
Bear Encounters: 23
Moose Encounter: 2
Meat harvested: 28,3kg
Plants harvested: 17
Food found: 8,25kg
Items looted: 216
Favourite Shelter: Trappers Homested
Averrage Temperature: -12°C
Blizzards: 18

It could be really helpful for new players when exploring the island. it quickly gives you an overlook on the differences between regions. It would also help a lot chosing a region to settle down after having explored the whole map. Numbers are just made up in this example but I probably wouldnt set up end game camp in ML. there seems to be some good hunting grounds and weather isnt too bad (yet. it was measured when i was there. could be colder now), but it also looks like i am running into wolves almost every day and into a bear every second day. If my "Explored, Food found & Items looted" Numbers were quite low on the other hand, I would at least consider another trip there for more loot.

Some of them should still have a total amount for the whole island. like Blizzards survived, the animal encounter, items looted, maybe a favourite shelter for the whole island (based on hours spent in it. caves + snow shelter included). But splitting some up in to the regions might be quite interesting and helpful.


Another thing would be topic or skill specific statistics.

Like fire. We do have the total amount of started fires and longest burning one. But how many of my 216 total fires have been lit with a match? how often did I light them with a torch? or a firestriker? It could show you how good you are at making fire. having used 23 matches to start 9 fires? You might wanna think about getting some better wood.
I personally would also love to see how much of each fuel i have burned. Maybe the amount in kg/lbs for sticks, reclaimed wood, cedar, fir, coal & books. That wouldnt really help in the game but could make a nice new feat. after burning 1000kg of nice fir and cedar wood, those fuels get a extra 10% duration and 1°C heat. Maybe a "miner" feat as well. after burning a certain amount of coal it gets a duration + heat boost. This one could actually affect how I play the game. I would be more likely to set up camp near a mine or have regular trips to get coal instead of just burning wood.

Having more things counted in the statistics opens up quite a lot of possibilities for new feats. and more feats means forcing more decisions on players. 

but let's get back to statistics. there are so many cool things that could be in the journal. food wise the amount of cooked food, burned food, total of melted snow, favourite cooking spot (fire, stove, .....), total time spent cooking, average quality of food.
Or Hunting Stats. Missed shots, critical shots. 
Stats about exploring would be cool as well. Caves found, Lakes found, Bridges crossed, buildings discovered, workbenches found, corpse found and stuff like that.
There is so much more like tools broken down, how often did i sharpen something.

What would you guys like to see counted in the journal? you think region sepcific stats would be helpful?
And what do you think about more stats opening up possibilities for new feats?


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I like the idea. Overall it is an easy update. Counters are really easy to add to the code and would just be a matter of adding more lines to the statistics window.

I am guessing the devs didn’t spend a lot of time on an issue like this. Just throw a bunch of basic elements to track and move on to other areas that needed more help, but I would be 100% interested in getting more feedback from my sessions!

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