A simple İdea for Food Decay


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so I have been on my computer for the 30 mins aftyer playing Long Dark for a few hours and decided to investigate teh realizm of the decay since Long Dark is supposed to be  hardcore survival game and my invetigations led me to a sginle conclusions:Things gotta change


First of all Canned food,Maple syrup and Peanut Butter are actually pretty durable and can last basically forever if kept in right conditions in Long Dark however they cant last a 100 days so lets begin we can make these 3 food types stop decaying any indoor location,  But Michael I hear you say wouldnt that ruin the games balance decay is supposed to be a mechanic that stops players from hording supplies and staying in a location like forever

and to that I say...dont worry I got this

First of all I made a new list of food items, dont worry it will make sense later


Cocobar: A Candy Bar with coconut flavor

Mac and Cheese:Majority of the player base is western we all know what this is

Sliced Bread:Greatest invention of the year 1928

Choclate Bar:come on this is like one of the most common snacks

 L-Cola:İf you dont know what this is conguragulations on your 120th Birthday

Twinkie:legends say it can last for years.....too bad it is wrong

Left overs(has multiple different skins and stats):You must be real desperate to eat these

Frozen Pizza:İt is Healthy as drinking 8 shots of vodka and running into a minefiled in Stalingrad

TV Dinner:TV's Dont work but you can still wrap some aliminium around your phone,charge it during aroura nights and enjoy a few hours of entertaintment during your travels until the charge runs out and you realize how in a bad situation you are(İt has beef,beans,some rice and a brownie tho)

Pebbels:Smarties knock off

Wow Michael these descriptions look really unprofessional yeah, yeah because they are not actual descriptions know you might ask me Michael why....why would you suggest these foods, well my clever friend let me tell you it is because these food items and a couple more are going to be comon food items making stuff like canned food rarer they wont be impossible to find but they will be uncommon,Canned food maybe your emergency food supply if things get out of hand and you realzie taht you looted the entire region and wild life is hunted to oblivion you might start to rely on these little things.




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Definitely something to think about in a sequel. Only things I’d say would be…

it’s not a hardcore survival game. It’s an incredibly well built and balanced mechanic survival game. Improvements needed aside, everything in game is there for a use and a reason.

the beginning of the adventure in survival is an unknown time from the beginning of the disaster. Things like bread or anything in a refrigerator would likely be long past edible. I think it’s weird when you find edible fish in some houses.

I do agree things like pasta in general would be a good addition but numerous comments have talked about more cookable items like that. 

In the end, there are a number of time sensitive elements to the game that are completely unrealistic, and if they wanted to make a more realistic survival game they could, but they made things the way they did and established their properties the way they did for a reason. 

Some good ideas for sure though!

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(The writing style is inspired by Critical Drinker)

,Thank you for your review of this idea


I made this because I really dislike the decay system currently impelemented I am more into the games explore mechanic than survive aspect but I knew that majority of the player base plays for the survival aspect


so I suggested this İdea if there were more much less durable food items like snacks and more durable foods were made rarer it would balance it out another way is item specific storage containers these can be added to the Long Dark game and wont change the game mechanics heavily Each Container stops a specific item types decay and Each one is located in a different interior for an Example the Gas Station at Coastal Highway, it has a 1950's inspired Snack machine that can store 5 kg it can be filled with any item to your desier but if you store sodas or snacks they wont decay like


Or add a simple Decay options Menu where player can select to run it on or off or edit specific items decay




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