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I think this is actually an excellent idea! There are a lot of times that one needs to pass time in The Long Dark. Rather than always doing the time skip function (solitaire), one could simply crack open one of the many books to be found on Great Bear and read for a while.

This, I think, would go a long way into enhancing the emersion as well. The description of the books even say that they could be a source for knowledge, but are "for now, something to burn". It would be nice if you could have an option to read the ones you saved. 

There are loads of works in the public domain that Hinterland could add for free; I'm not sure how much processing power it takes to have the entire text of many different stories in the game, but I imagine it is manageable. 

Some public domain books that might be good are Robinson Crusoe, Moby Dick, The Swiss Family Robinson, and hell, even Frankenstein begins in an arctic survival situation, and matches the foreboding tone of the game. 

Great idea, Leeanda!

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