Predators Attack Rope

Willy Pete

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I thought of this while looking through images I'd taken in-game and saw one where I was climbing down the long rope in BI with some Timberwolves directly below me. Fortunately I had a revolver and max level revolver at the time so they weren't an issue.

However, I did have the idea: what if wolves and bears could grab at climbing rope while you were on it and sort of yank it around to try to make you fall off.

The simplest way to do this would be by making it take large chunks out of your sprint bar when they attack but only if you are moving up or down the rope. This would occur at intervals of every five or so seconds, meaning you could either pause every so often to avoid losing parts of your sprint bar or risk it by continuing unperturbed.

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I’m not sure I see too much a danger if an animal did grab the rope. The intelligence required to grab onto, pull it away or side to side enough to cause a danger seems unlikely. If they bite and shake, the momentum would stop at about your feet. I don’t really see a danger…

From a technical standpoint it would be labor intensive. They’d have to add new animations for the wolves and bears, animate the rope (right now it’s a stationary object) and if the rope is moving side to side or away from the rock, could cause issues with accessing the ledges.

And if you add that, why not allow the ability to chew on or scratch the rope at the point of contact on the rock. 

Not something I see as being beneficial to add but others may see the value.

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