Distress Pistol/Stone aiming question

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A lot of times when I'm aiming (pressing and holding right click) with pistol and stones, my in-game character behaves like I'm just clicking it. As in he just looks through the aiming-sight once and then back to normal holding. Same with stones, when i try to aim at rabbits, he just constantly goes back and forth between aiming and holding normally while right mouse button is held. Hope my explanation of my problem makes sense; english isn't my mother tongue so I apologize if this is confusing.

I've removed every macro I had set up on my mouse, use a different mouse etc but it still does the same. I wanted to ask if this is just a bug or is there any setting I can tweak to fix this? I play on pc and have the latest version from steam.

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Does the game do the same thing when using the rifle?  Given the description, it should have the same problem thing you described. 

It does sound like something is cycling (on/off) with respect to the RMB input.  

If you have access to another mouse you might install it and try again.  That will confirm whether it is something inherent in the mouse itself (which then should probably be replaced) or somewhere else in your computer (like something in the mouse port or usb port is messing up, a probably more difficult repair).   Suspect it may be more the mouse than the computer. 

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