San Antonio snow

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After playing a while I've took frequent breaks from the game and come back to the game because it is a unique experience. However after exploring the map after a while I have become acquainted with most of the maps. I dare not claim to have 100% the maps and the thought of venturing into bleak inlet without a rifle or Timberwolf mountain (and beyond) without end game load out is still a dream for me. I would like to see a visual update and see more variety in the future. Adding more spawns for structures and decorations would be welcome, but there are still areas where traversing is like skyrim rock climbing, sliding down the textures and hoping to find the sweet spot to walk a foot forward. I made this post because I enjoy the game and anticipate future updates, I hope any who read this post share what ideas for improving visual diversity of the game, though I understand there is so much you can do with snow. I will share my ideas with kind of interiors or other decorative suggestions. I would like to see hunting stands on trees with usable ladders, sewer systems, (perhaps to connect areas as well) more spawns on bleak inlet. Surprisingly there isn't as much snow shelters as i thought there would be, I understand that this is a survival game, but people used to live on great bear, I'm sure they've been caught by snow or bear and wished there was somewhere for them to hide. I have never seen the interior of a bunker, perhaps because I'm bad but I'm not holding my breath. 

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