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    I'd like to see a long dark and the grey crossover.
  2. At first I thought that the flash light scared wolves away, so you can imagine my suprise and panic when kujo went in for a bite. If you want to determine wolves always keep a torch on you for that reason, not necessarily a fresh one, but ones scavenged from fires always help in a pinch too.
  3. After playing a while I've took frequent breaks from the game and come back to the game because it is a unique experience. However after exploring the map after a while I have become acquainted with most of the maps. I dare not claim to have 100% the maps and the thought of venturing into bleak inlet without a rifle or Timberwolf mountain (and beyond) without end game load out is still a dream for me. I would like to see a visual update and see more variety in the future. Adding more spawns for structures and decorations would be welcome, but there are still areas where traversing is like skyr
  4. I can not wait for the next update to be announced or discussed. I anticipate a overhaul to the map, textures and certain collisions. TI would like to see an Ai update to the bear to make it less botlike if that makes sense, and I have yet to find a bunker.