What One Man Can Do is the worst


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I've been really enjoying the story mode, but I must say that the What One Man Can Do mission in Episode Two is the worst. The design is all wrong. It's frustrating, not fun. The lead up to the final encounter is framed as a stealth mission, but success relies totally on sprinting. So you're telling the player one thing ("don't be seen, don't get close"), but what you need to do is different (

sprint and duck before the bear can charge

). You have multiple try-fails, but your fails include an unskippable and unpleasant sequence that you have to watch over and over again. I must have had to watch that 20-30 times. The spear mechanic is unreliable because it has a few second set time and a really short time window for when it stays set. Overall, a very unpleasant gaming experience, which is in stark contrast with the rest of the game which is all well done.  That's my 2 cents and vent of my frustrations.   

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YES! I totally agree with your rant, funnily enough I basically wrote the same thing earlier today (see below). That whole mission made me quit Wintermute more than once, and I still haven't finished the story to date because of it, although am trying again. One thing is having a difficult challenge, another thing is designing it well for various levels of player skill and experience. 


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