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At the moment TLD doesn't allow you to have multiple saves going at the same time.

However, there are ways around it. ... =74&t=1908

I have used this myself and it works fine, long as you don't care about leaderboards (they are broken anyway).

I hope the devs implement the choice to have several saves some time, I don't really care for the 'hardcore' aspects of the game, but a lot of people do it seems...

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In the AMA Raph did recently he replied to a question that they are looking into allowing multiple games/ saves/ profiles whatever you want to call them so you can try out stuff without ruining your main game or let someone else play on the same machine.

That's correct, thanks for the help!

Here's a link to the AMA response: ... at/coroj6x

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Yes please! Multiple games would be nice, or at least the option to have one save per difficulty level. That way, I could keep going on exploring the fantastically atmospheric world of TLD in "Pilgrim" mode when I'm in a casual gaming or tree-hugging mood (which is most of the time), and keep pu(ni)shing myself in "Voyageur" or "Stalker" modes when I'm looking for a challenge or a wildlife massacre "a la Far Cry 3 or 4" ;-)

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