Challenge: War on drugs


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Do you think this challenge could be fun? Its very basic - the war on drugs has been won so no drugs. No stim, no energy drink, no coffee, no tea, no mushrooms, no old mans beard, no antiseptic, no birch bark tea, no pain killers, no rose hip tea, no antibiotics, i might have forgot a few but you get the point.

If you get an infection its problematic because it will kill you.  There are two ways to easy out of it, in the beginning of the game declare which one you will use or perhaps just die with the infection.

1. In the name of self defence lets say you are allowed to cure an infection when you can hear your own heart beat.
2. Antiseptic do can be used but only when no one is looking. So you cant take them with you that would be too risky. So write down where you found them, use the note function for this. So if you get an infection head to a known hideout. A bottle of antiseptic can only be used once.

Also at all cost dont get dysenteri and internal parasites.

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