The journey of The Lone Sniper

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Hi guys. Hope you're doing fine with pandemic around. stay safe you all. 
I am a relatively old long dark player. Been playing this game for a couple of years. I Always wanted to write my fiction but due to my bad English I always feared that it didn't works out. But seeing how friendly people are in this forum i decided to give it a shot. 😃 but still, I am not good at English since it is not my mother tongue . So if you see any typo or any grammatical problem in this topic, sorry in advance 🙂

So, The journey is like most journey that had been in forum before. I started a custom mode in Milton. My survivor is male.


So, This is the code I've been using. I talked with some of the guys in forum and create a discussion which people where helpful. And I gotta thanks @Mroz4k for helping me choose a difficulty that i think is right. 

And, speaking of custom mode difficulty, mine is described below. 

  • base resources are normal. 
  • Environment setting is set to medium except blizzard that is set to high.
  • Animal population is normal (except rabbit and fish which are high.)
  • Rifle is not available but revolver is. 
  • Birch bark tea is not recovering condition and cabin fever is also off.
  • In gear section, Item decay rate is set to low but all other options are normal. 
  • And for the last part, Struggle is set to be kinda deadly with Condition damage being medium but clothing and damage severity set to high. 

And the reason i come up with this difficulty is because i wanted to balance things out. (e.g. If it was more towards pilgrim and voyager the journey soon would be " boring. And if it was more toward loper, since i am not a very good player, the survivor would soon be dead before story started 😄)

Last thing, I don't think i update this journey to often, maybe once a week. And feel free to post your ideas about topic. 

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Day One: 

Oh my God .. OH MY GOD ! This place is cold .. real cold .. oh my god. Where am i ?  I don't remember anything. gotta go to the nearest shelter. Sky is dark So dark i can't even see two foot in front of me .. I hear wolf howling. 

Half a hour later : 
I am still looking .. Can't even light a fire due to lack of tinder .. OH What was that sound? A wolf ! It is after me ! Gotta run ! I don't have any weapon to fight with it .. damn .. OH MY GOD IT'S GETTING CLOSER .. I see a shadow of a shelter just up ahead .. 


I was lucky this time ... there is no guarantee that my luck will last another day .. But for now i am to tired to write .. Tomorrow I should try and contact someone .. 

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