Raytracing for light


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This is a tough one. But Minecraft shows, that its possible. There are RTX-Shaders for GTX-Graphics Cards out there (all still in production) that use raytracing to compute lightning. On my computer they run awfully slow (GTX 1080, 2 GB) but I still use them, because they provide uncomparable better results and less glitches.

If it was possible, to make a shader, that would produce equivalent results, I would pay for it. The game would benefit so much from that in atmosphere. And I guess, it's possible to make it lightweight, so you don't burn your PC, by limiting it to certain light sources. (furnaces, sun and moon, other static lightning) while for other light sources (flickering light in auroras, etc.) the normal model is used.

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I would love to see ray tracing added. I still remember when they added the update to the steam engine way back when for half-life 2 and just how much it can change the atmosphere of a game.

Would love to see a sunrise on the horizon as a slight snowfall begins to drop. Or looking over the water in CH.

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