Can you drink snow ?


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You're able to do this. I don't know when it came into the game, but it's been a mechanic since I've been playing.

When you have a camp fire or stove burning, clicking on it allows you to collect and melt snow, and also boil it to make it potable (as well as boiling other non-potable water you've found)

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This is three posts in a row asking to add things that are already in the game. Perhaps you should spend a little more time exploring the user interface and the game mechanics and less time posting suggestions on how to improve the game until you at least have a simple understanding of what is already there.

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Please please please please ...

When you find a post strange or silly, please don't assume that the author had the worst reason for it. You just didn't understand something, nothing dramatical :)

Well. I didn't know that you could melt snow by clicking on a fire. I played to evenings on that game, for 6 hours total, and never found it. This is an information for a developer : it means that this bit is not clear enough.

And I know why it was unclear for me and non intuitive : Where does the snow come from ?

Where does the snow come from when you're inside a house setting a fire ?

This is illogical. As this game is wanting to be realistic, I wasn't expecting illogical snow use, so I didn't see it.

My naive question, then in clearer terms was :

"How can I go out grab some snow, carry it in some sort of a container, and bring it to a fire to melt it ?"

This section is about feedback on the elements of the game.

This is my feedback :

Use of snow is currently illogical, and I think it would be more realistic to be forced to go and pick up the snow instead of magically invokate it inside the house.

My apologizes if my point was unclear at first glance, but please, go easy on first reads.

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It's understandable that there might be mechanics or aspects of the game some people could miss. Coming here for help or to offer suggestions - and unexpectedly find help - is part of why these forums exist. I'm just glad this was something we already had implemented so you could learn about a new part of the game (for you) and get an answer quickly :)


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