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Instead of having a new gun, I had an idea to add a different round.


so, i’ve seen some conflicting reports that the revolver is (and as I eyeball it) a SW Model 27, but the bullets are modeled look to look like .32 or something like that. My request is to make the revolver a .357 magnum, and we as the player can swap between two ammo types, .38 special and .357 mag, either Full Metal Jacket or Hollowpoint. 

for those who don’t know, .357 mag and .38 spl are the same diameter, but .357 mag is longer. Meaning that in a revolver chambered for .357 mag, you can use .38 spl without a malfunction.  The mag will have greater velocity and power, and if the bullet itself is a hollowpoint, it could do more damage to its target on contact. 

the reason why I think a different round could be used  is that I find it fun to use the revolver to pick off rabbits for fun, and one thing that I think is odd is that you should lose a portion of meat or skin condition based on what they are shot with (a rifle kill on a bunny should give you near nothing). .38 could be loaded and used for hunting, while .357 magnum/ hollowpoints could be used for predator protection or to take down larger game. 

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