Idea for the store for hinterland.


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This aint a wish or anything just a simple idea that might work. Since hinterlands is following the rule of social distance and all. They can not have a store (online or otherwise) in the normal sense for health reasons so what i was thinking is this. Why not have each employee of hinterlands have x amount of each item on the store at their homes? open the online store 1 day a week then email to all employees what was sold on the site. then The employee with the items even if its a few different employees Fill the order from the stock they have. Im sure this will prob cost more money for the items so we would have to pay more then normal but it might make it work.

As for the reason for 1 day a week maybe 2 days. is to allow the employees to have time to develop the game and not spend to much marking down whats left in their stock at home. and allows who ever watches the store time to mark each item sold send an email and allows the other employees time to send an updated list of current stock to the store handler to put items out of stock or low stock.

I know this prob wont be considered but hey its an idea that might help. Since it seems some still want to buy things it might give that few extra $$$ to elevate any worries.

This aint flushed out so it prob could be done better but in general this is how it might work in a overall watered down version.

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Probably because thats even more dangerous, since you're increasing the surface vector of infection.... a Virus Roulette if you will.  It also complicates logistics, and puts even more awkward tasking on more people.  Actually its more like Virus Bingo. (in honor of Genocide Bingo from exurba1a.  Go watch it. Its a fun and educational look at AI) 


So in order play Virus bingo there are 2 rules.  Rule#1: Don't Win Virus bingo.   Rule #2: DO NOT WIN virus bingo.


First, the goods still have to get to them.  So you either have to have one person deliver items for storage at each person's house.... which automatically defeats the purpose of this whole idea, and causes you to win Virus bingo. Or ship individual items from the manufacturer to each person's home, which is more expensive and complicated.  Which creates problem #2.  

Problem #2.  You'd have to predict and distribute enough of each item to each person's home to fill any foreseeable combination of items that might be ordered.  Failing this, items have to transferred between homes in order to fill single orders.... oh and you just won Virus bingo.  

What about sending out individual items?  Well, thats more expensive on shipping, plu..... no wait, you just Virus bingo again.  More people being exposed to more people during the shipping process- IE multiple homes to X number of mail carriers, any of whom might be an infection vector to the other. 

Problem #3 is just Problem #2, but involves physical shipping supplies like Boxes, packing material, and have them filling out shipping labels.

Problem #4 is mostly a question of how much storage capacity each person's home has, and what kind of risks its exposed to while there.  I don't know if you have kids or not... but Kids like boxes and packages, and can be quite destructive if left unattended. 

#4B, while not likely to win virus bingo, everything about this being a huge pain in the butt for what is, for all intents and purposes, a side hustle that barely makes them any money, and directly detracts from the activity that does.  Plus you have to train them, acclimate them to international shipping procedures, coordinate everything, allocate time, make sure theres enough throughput to get items out in a timely manner (because chargebacks and statute of limitations is a thing), and also hoping to Great Bear that porch pirates don't somehow get into the mix. 


I'm sure if it was even worth the risk to begin with, they would had just had a few people go to the office and handle this a couple days a week.  And that only has a 20% chance of winning Virus Bingo. 

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