Suggestions: Grouping of items, torch selection by default, etc


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Few suggestions to improve game mechanics (may have already been suggested in the past)...

1. Fire starting: When a torch is lit and I'm trying to start a fire, it would make sense that the fire starting options should show the torch as the first choice rather than having to cycle through various selections of matches, magnifying glass, fire starter and then finally the torch (or flare). Sometimes going the other way also doesn't help as the torch is in the middle of these options. Especially critical when there is only one torch with low condition. In a real world, one wouldn't light a torch, then keep it aside and use a match to start a fire.

2. Left/Right keys for menu selection: In the fire starting menu, it is possible to use the left / right keys to cycle through options. Similarly, we can use the up / down keys to navigate to the tinder, fuel, starter options. Same for sewing choices when repairing an item. But this is not possible when selecting a tool to either harvest a carcass or chop wood or furniture. Would make sense to use the keyboard for quick cycling through the choices across the board.

3. Grouping of similar items: In the inventory, some items are automatically grouped when their condition is same (hides, guts, medicine tablets, matches, bullets, etc) but some items aren't (flares, meat, torches, sewing kits, fishing hook + line (forgot what it's called), food or cooking cans, etc. obviously provided condition/weight remains the same). May be there is a reason for it (choice of which to use from inventory itself depending on condition could be one?) but I just think grouping more items can help visually clear up the inventory. In the cooking menu, obviously it makes sense to see individual items. 


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All points seem reasonable.  Upvote.

I play on the Xbox, so the UI is a bit different; but some inconsistencies do exist.  In the crafting interface, tool selection is made using the LB and RB... and then we have to use "Y" to switch to change the time.  In the repair interface, the tools are selected by bumping the LS to the right or left and it's the same in the firestarting menu, but with the addition of bumping the LS up and down to change between lighter, tinder and fuel.  Although the crafting interface is the newer one and was received as an improvement over the old, I'd prefer to still be able to change using the LS instead of LB/RB and "Y"... but at least making them consistent would help.

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