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  1. I am past that age where to be considered any sort of expert in a game, one must play on the most difficult setting because everyone else does it. I use this game to get into an environment after a day's work to lose myself into where nobody is expecting a damn thing from me. I've tried Interloper and yes it does offer a substantial challenge where one will die quickly if one underestimates the game. But 'for me', the best way to enjoy the game is on Voyageur where there is a threat from wildlife & at the same time there is enough to get through. I enjoy walking and exploring the landscape and it is an exceptional experience to take in the solitude. In that sense, I've played on Pilgrim specifically for the Faithful Cartographer achievement, but it did get boring to be the alpha predator on the maps all the time. I recently played the story mode again on Capable Survivor as I had missed a couple of side missions last time. Episodes 1 & 2 didn't seem that different, but in Episode 3 the behaviour of the Timberwolves was more aggressive & frequent. Stocking up on ammo is definitely advisable. I usually also carry extra fleece mittens and wool caps. There are times I've changed to these when the TW announce their arrival. It is easier to repair cloth based gear than leather based. Great game, no doubt!
  2. Sights for a weary traveller... After a couple of sprains and a wolf fight... Mystery Lake lunch... Got to love the skies. The smoke from the chimneys... So beautiful. One from Pleasant Valley, Draft Dodgers cabin after fighting off the Timberwolves that lurk around these parts... (Episode 3)
  3. I haven't tried the test branch at all. But this just happened to me in their latest update which was V1.87 [68142] hot fix for EtD. I play on Win 10x64 Steam but on a MacBook Pro 2015 hardware. (I boot into Win 10 using an external drive). In Paradise Meadows Farm in Mountain Town, I had a ton of meat that I wanted to cook on the 6 plate stove. I had dropped all the meat on the floor in a heap and when I tried to pick them up, I had to place the pointer on the outside of the pile to select them. Moving the white pointer to the centre of the pile did nothing. I didn't think much of it but looking at how many people seem to have this problem in the test branch, makes me think this glitch probably exists in the main branch too. I'll see if I can reproduce this and post a screenshot. I just noticed there is a separate thread discussing this specific glitch.
  4. On a cold, foggy morning in Coastal Highway. Out in the wilderness, when you are alone, cold and vulnerable it is always nice to see other forms of life not out to get you.
  5. Thank you. Wilderness is beautiful. ūüĆĄ
  6. I do agree that after n number of days, when you are fairly settled and have everything you need, the game does become slightly (very slightly, as there are still a lot of things to do) monotonous. But I dont think making it easy will help. If I were to picture myself in that harsh environment that Hinterland so thoughtfully created for us, I would think that despite the 'comforts' after being settled, there would still be a lot of things to do in order to survive for the longest possible time. Definitely 'quality of life' also becomes important and would result in creation of stockpiles and at a number of 'bases'. Maybe a feature that lets us 'clean up' a place to make it more 'home like' could be added. If I were in that situation, I would do quite a lot of things to not be psychologically bogged down, like putting up photos I find during scavenge trips or my own drawings of Great Bear locations (cartography feature can be used to draw vistas, not just maps), (the radio during auroras is a nice touch here) and so on. There would be a lot more dangers than the game gives us. I can personally think of a number of places where a fall wouldn't necessarily kill, but at least hurt in a bad way, which could take time to heal and recover (not just a bandage + painkillers and we are good). This would be challenging despite the 'comforts' and realistic as well. An avalanche is highly possible, a limb could fall on the player during a blizzard, tunnels caving in, infections from getting a cut while working with metal, cuts and bruises. This would make forming a base so important as one would need to bank on stockpiled supplies while being frugal with it at the same time. We could get lucky breaks once in a while too, such as wildlife not attacking every time they notice us (although not very often as it would ruin the immersion), instead just growling to be left alone and not running away scared like they do now (not just in pilgrim btw). All in all, I say Hinterland is doing a phenomenal job with TLD and bringing in new stuff like maps or challenges as free DLCs. I also couldn't thank them enough for creating a survival game without zombies.
  7. I have the same issue since the EtD event. The key bindings revert to default every time I start the game. Although not a show stopper, it still is a nuisance that didn't exist pre event. Hope the new update fixes this.
  8. These are simply brilliant. Looking forward to more of these. Kind of reminds me of Firewatch (minus the extra warm hues and saturation). Beautiful work...
  9. Waking up in the morning to frightful blizzard. Just Pleasant Valley things. At the Barn.
  10. Posting my first screenshot from this wonderful game. The environment in the game paints a fantastic picture. Apart from being a great open to lose myself in, the photographer in me makes me capture screenshots as if I were there actually taking photos. A perfect environment for me to walk around the maps surviving the Quiet Apocalypse and taking "photos" at the same time documenting the landscape. Mystery lake at sunset, preparing for dinner.
  11. Hello fellow Long Darkers, from India. I hope everyone is keeping well. I've been playing this game for just under a year. And ever since then been wondering why I hadn't learnt of this game before. This game is truly a treasure.