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  1. This is a good update and quite a lot is revealed AFA the future direction of TLD is concerned. The team has done a fabulous job considering the covid situation and to come up with innovative ways to achieve the target. Kudos there. I took the survey which was interesting. Glad to see Hinterland is coming up with ways to sustain the development and improvement of TLD, especially the Survivor mode. Few thoughts I'd like to express. 1. Paid DLCs. I have rarely bought DLC for a game. Once bought, its mostly be all and end all for me. Content in terms of skins, features, irrelevant super
  2. Few suggestions to improve game mechanics (may have already been suggested in the past)... 1. Fire starting: When a torch is lit and I'm trying to start a fire, it would make sense that the fire starting options should show the torch as the first choice rather than having to cycle through various selections of matches, magnifying glass, fire starter and then finally the torch (or flare). Sometimes going the other way also doesn't help as the torch is in the middle of these options. Especially critical when there is only one torch with low condition. In a real world, one wouldn't light a t
  3. (this response is to those in the MP camp) Any argument made by those who prefer TLD to be left as it is (based on their own personal preferences, mine included which is to enjoy time away from 'life' in a fantastic isolated environment) can be perfectly told to not play co-op / MP modes of the game. There are plenty of other games which offer SP / MP modes where I've personally never tried MP at all and yet those two worlds (SP/MP) can co-exist. Similarly, people needing in-game company to play can also look at other games that offer excellent MP/Co-op components. The fact that Hinterl
  4. Ok, I'm going to suggest something totally radical (and risk getting flamed) in this thread as it is talking about console control options. I dont know how difficult it is to have a keyboard / mouse support for the console but here are my reasons 1. No question control using kbd/mouse feels real, like a human neck movement compared to the CCTV like camera movements of the in game camera. 2. TLD is not multiplayer. So it wouldn't offer anyone a tremendous advantage over other players in any way. Anyone wanting to use a controller still can. 3. The thumb is over worked for camera / c
  5. If you have Astrid with broken ribs, then the short answer to your question is No. But (based on my experience till now), the moose is not on the lowest level. Without spoiling the fun of finding the exit for you and others, let me say that to reach Pleasant valley, you would need 2 climbs. One is definitely at the PV-TWM transition. The other, you can decide if the climb down in AC or TWM is better. I prefer the climb down in AC to reach TWM. I hope I haven't confused you more. I couldn't find the 'add spoiler' option, so just changed the text color. Not sure BB/HTML code works an
  6. Just want to chime in about the save systems. If the game was to save the progress only when you quit the game, it would be massive loss of time and effort if the game just crashed to the desktop. This has happened to many people including me. The crashes used to be random. Saving after one of the many events in game prevents the loss of progress due to this. And of course, other reasons people have mentioned above. I'm all for making the game more intentional and 'real to life' but sometimes we just have to factor in these glitches that might be the result of some serious frustration.
  7. I am in agreement with all the suggestions mentioned above. Completion of map after all named areas are mapped, adding annotations to your own map and better map readability in terms of depth (although I know there's a limit to what a cold survivor can achieve with a thick piece of charcoal). I'm glad @ajb1978 mentioned Broken Railroad. That map has so many black holes and bad corners, it drives me nuts. On annotations, the spray paint does have its advantages. But it is missing an important icon and that is "Shelter". For eg, I could use this icon to mark so many nooks and crannies in As
  8. After resolving my FPS issue on Ash Canyon, I spent a good couple of IRL days this weekend. Hinterland has done such an outstanding job in creating this map. It is unique and the textures, layout and topography is beautiful. The mining settlement 'Miner's Folly' reminds me of the setting from the movie 'Wind River'. If they set out to create a 'powerful loneliness', with this region they have surpassed it. That feeling of looking down into the valley from a high point such as the 'Wolf Jaw Viewpoint' and not finding any signs of life with the snow picking up is so powerful. Couple of scre
  9. Ok, so I have found a temporary fix to this issue. I removed the [-force-glcore] arguments from the properties and this seems to have eliminated the FPS drop issue. The only problem is, I had added those arguments due to the frequent crashes I used to have while playing the game and the arguments had fixed the crash issue. I wonder if the game will start crashing again now that I have removed them. Again, this FPS drop is only in AC. I hope this helps the devs.
  10. Wow, that was quick. Thanks to Hinterland. I just updated to v1.90. This problem existed in v1.89 as well. When in AC and specifically looking at ashy trees, the FPS drops to 1-3fps. When looking towards the sky or ground, the FPS goes back up (to 20-25 in AC). All other maps work well with 25-30 FPS and gameplay isn't affected. When looking at other trees/forests in other regions, there is no significant drop in FPS. I wonder if the textures have something to do with it. I watched a YT video today and the textures for ashy trees look more detailed. I've submitted this on the Support port
  11. That's a very myopic way of looking at things. If you have followed TLD since its Early Access days, you will find the game has changed In more ways than you can count. Most of the changes brought about in the game was because the developers listened to the players' feedback. There have been several additions to the game and several areas have been reworked. One must understand while playing TLD that it is a game that is a little different from the standard, run of the mill survival game (of which there are plenty). The environments are beautiful, the sound is magical, the game mechanics are q
  12. Ash Canyon looks nothing like other regions from whatever little I've seen so far. Gives a sense of claustrophobia due to the towering cliffs and makes you look so small (which one is compared to nature). Hinterland has done an excellent job in coming up with unique maps. On the plus side, I did feel the frame rates appeared consistently smoother (I play on a MacBP 2015 with a Win10 x64 on external SSD, Steam). The addition of other animals during the load screen is also cool. The game visually looked a little better to me. No scientific evidence, just plain eye balling. I forgot to chec
  13. Is for me? Not fair. Bear has the last laugh. Dies on weak ice. (Forlorn Muskeg) Bear with a missing leg? Seems to have history. (Forlorn Muskeg) Old man's beard hanging in thin air. (Mystery Lake, Walking towards Frozen Creek from Unnamed pond)
  14. Glenn is genuinely interesting to listen to. So many points that one can correlate with while playing the game. The behaviour of wolves, the infections from bear meat, the lack of food making you things, the cold, the solitude. Kudos to Hinterland for building an environment for us to experience this lifestyle from our homes.