Copying and Renaming Save Files in Survival Mode


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I'm on a windows 10 pc. Is it possible to copy and then rename save files in survival mode? I have a file, Timberwolf mtn2, that I'd like to copy and rename Timberwolf mtn3, for example, in case I bite the dust, I could restart at that point. I searched for the file and was unable to locate it. Is this possible to accomplish? Ideally, I'd like Hinterland to include a "snapshot" feature so I could snap back to the point right before I died. This would help me be more adventurous climbing down cliffs.

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forgot to say "in survival mode". Have I mentioned how fun it is waiting to submit an edit after submitting the original? It's kind of like the game itself. It's kind of like the subject of the post itself. Things you think about while waiting to submit
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The game saves are located in c:\Users\<YOUR_USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Hinterland\TheLongDark\ folder. You can copy them to some other location and put them back when needed. 

If you have STEAM version, your saves can be backed up by the steam service.

Manual copy and returning back after your character dies... you know some see it as cheeting. When you need to repair game, go for it. But avoiding the character demise. IMHO it takes one part of the game experience away. But it is your game.

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