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Hi guys,

So far I´m really enjoying the game on my PC, but because of work duringe the week I only have access to my PS4 Pro. I would like to ask about the performance on the ps4. Is it smooth without any fps drops? I´m asking because I´m thinking about buying it for my ps4 as well.


Thanks in advance for all the feedback.


Take care.

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I play on an Xbox One, generation one, and it runs the game just fine. Seeing that the PS4 Pro is a much more powerful console, I can tell you that it is a stable 30.. Or 60 fps (I don't know what it runs on) on my xbox, which has troubles running games like Roblox. The only downside to consoles is longer load times, and render distance, and resolution not being top notch. But to answer your question, yes, it will run smoothly on a PS4 Pro.

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