Possibly the craziest deer kill you will ever see


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On 1/26/2021 at 9:33 PM, piddy3825 said:

Hands down, best TLD deer hunting first shot is kill shot video clip yet!
@Zaknafein, would you care to elaborate on this technique?  How much time did you devote to mastering the ark necessary to rain death from above?


Thank you! Glad you liked the clip!


The technique requires some timing and precision, as well as archery level 5 (very difficult without it). It did not take me too long to figure it out - this deer was after about 20 min of practice.

When shooting straight up, the arrow lands a few meters behind you. So you need to have your back to the target. The easiest way was to estimate the deers path, then turn around and use the footprints as directions, and shoot straight up. The clip is not my first attempt - usually I got the distance just right, but aimed slightly too far left or right, which is the hardest part. If you want to try it, practice against deer or rabbits. I tried against a bear but its much harder, since the timing is different.

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@Zaknafein,  Outstanding!  Thanks for the instructions.  I am now on a mission to learn the technique and master the process.  Thank you for bringing some much need inspiration to continue playing in the sandbox.  Thankfully I have my level 5 archery perk and approx 30 arrows in my quiver!  

Turning backwards to shoot is so counter intuitive...

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