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Absolutely LOVING this game... honestly there aren't enough words to express how much fun I'm having, except maybe helping the game grow. So I found some suggestion about in-game conditions and mechanics that could reward the player if doing good and punish if not paying attention.

To be honest I live is a tropical climate, so pardon me if my info isn't on point but....

- Thirst: An adult require 3 to 4 litters of water per day... How is the survivor only needing 600ml per 10~12h? Yet again a human can live without drinking a drop o water about 3 days... (make it 2 for the extreme conditions here). My suggestion is to increase the amount of water necessary to at least 2,5L but make it last for longer. Example you can live a day without drinking water without problems, past that time and you'll get headaches an "Restlessness" (a new condition i'll explain latter) and make a non-linear condition health loss from not drinking water making it drop a 25% the first 24h and 75% by the end of the 48h.

- Sleep and Fatigue: Maybe the only game mechanic that I dislike... Don't sleep for 12h and you already feel like "losing consciousness" and unable to run? I know even hard work both mental and physical will fatigue you, but this doesn't make sense! My suggestion:

  1. Fatigue should last longer, around 24 hours if not doing any kind of heavy activity.
  2. Running and climbing should not "drop dead" your fatigue... It may increase to a medium drop rate if doing in the respective weight capacity. Increase it to a high consumption rate when overweight.
  3. Passing the 24 hours mark gives a new condition, called Sleep deprivation which should have 3 levels of intensity. Low should give a 1.25 time multiplier to aim sway, stamina reduction (the one you use to draw a bow and climb), time for doing concentration work (reading, mending, repairing, reading, carving) and and increase probability to fail those actions. The medium and high condition should actually give a multiplier of 1.5 and 2 to the activities listed above and headaches, blurry vision and doze of when doing any time passing activity (even if a doubt someone will deprive their sleep for that much).
  4. Sleep deprivation can be heal by resting, however doing so gives another condition... Restlessness
  5. Restlessness increase the fatigue consumption by a 25% (leaving you a 18h of activeness without hard work) and decrease the amount of fatigue restored by sleeping for another 25%. This condition last for 3, 5 and 7 days depending on the intensity of the sleep deprivation.
  6. An Improved - "Improved Rest" If you want to negate the condition listed above to a 1, 2, 3 days and not having to sleep more than you normally would, drink herbal tea. Also herbal tea should give a 25% BONUS in restoration if not afflicted by restlessness, and improving your total fatigue by a 10% (like you do with "Condition" with well feed)
  7. Coffee: I agree on the fatigue decrease rate... but only a 10% fatigue restoration from a Cup of Joe doesn't make sense. 25% sound more like it, but drinking more than 1 per day gives headaches like the energy drink and restlessness if drink a 3rd (also this restores fatigue should not count for the 24h limit to get sleep deprivation)

- "Diseases and Negative Conditions": Curing a blood loss with 1 bandage or healing infection and dysentery with ONE (or two capsules) of antibiotic isn't exactly accurate, also way to forgiving. And don't make me begin with Sprained wrist an ankles...

  1. Negative conditions shouldn't last hours, should last days... At least 3 to 5 days, in which it requires Health - Care.
  2. Food Intoxacation: This condition is way to deadly for it's own good. Dying from this in 12 hours is ridiculous. This should be the only condition that can be healed by one tea o 2 tab of antibiotics, yet it should kill you in 24h and not drop your fatigue, but water and food instead, and trying to eat anything in this time is impossible, because it makes you puke or reject the food.
  3. Blood loss: This condition should last 3 days minimum, requiring 2 bandages each day and 1 antiseptic dose to avoid infections.
  4. Infections from bites requires also 3 days of treatment with antiseptics (giving more use to the antiseptics items)
  5. Infections only decrease your total condition and not deplete it over time.
  6. Not treating infections in 24 hours gives Septic state... This is deadly, and will kill you in 12 hours if not treated with antibiotics.
  7. Sprained wrist and legs should not be as frequent, yet last longer when it happends. For example you can tumble and have a 20% probability of gaining a Sprained condition that requires immobilizing with wood and bandages (one time use) and last for a day or 2 (Maybe 3 if you feel its too light of a condition)
  8. Fractures should exist, a chance of 10% if Sprained (Maybe if you're really overweight or fall from a high enough distance) this... Maybe should end up in your dead, limiting your speed to a 75% for a week, 50% if treated, 25% If healed and a solid 2 week in total for it to return to normality. If its a wrist, well limit success rate in manual activities and a 2x time of doing them and unable to use you main hand, forcing you to use the off hand with a 25 or 50% spray and accuracy (for 3 days). You can even add a nice animation of a Fork arm fracture (Colles fracture) and a twisted leg.
  9. Pain should interrupt some activities like carving, woodchopping and sleeping. Also should heal in more days.

- Food: This is really ok, but there are some food like that Condensed milk that shouldn't replenish thirst, on the contrary it may give almost the same amount of calories of a MRE but increase thirst (its condensed protein and sugar, this can kill you!) this also applies to sugary drinks but I feel its fair and balanced by increasing the amount of water required per day. ¿Maybe add recipes? Feels a little bland to eat meat and water having tomato soup / pork and beans / peaches that could even satisfy you more or reduce hunger rate for a little while longer. Also the calories consumption should be higher, usually harsh and stress condition increases you requirements to a 1.3 or 1.5 the normal rate and extreme ambient conditions should raise it up. So maybe a 3,0k a day and 3,5 if doing physical/mental activities?


- Potpourri: A bunch of random suggestions of minor thing or items

  1. Candles / Zippos: Just to light your way in the dark without having to use a storm lamp of a torch
  2. Torches can cause house fire: Adding an animation of a house burning and you having to leave, decreasing condition by a 10 to 30% and replacing the house with a burned one.
  3. Portable Oil Stoves: Craft-able or a rare find, should be good to cook or heat one item without giving the heat bonus of a fireplace (also consuming precious oil)
  4. Bear should be harder to kill, requiring Bear Trap / tactics and multiple shots to kill.
  5. Shotgun from a far away hunting lodge or a Home made one, with low capacity and a high stomp power for bigger game hunt (like the moose or bear)
  6. Shouldn't hunting knifes be a little bigger? It looks like a simple kitchen knife
  7. Days should last longer, I'm having a better time with a x2 in custom, feels more natural, considering days pass while sleeping and doing activities. (Maybe changing the fatigue / sleep mechanic should override this one)
  8. If there are two types of water giving you different kind of fish... should it be possible to gain salt from the coast or boiling sea water to preserve food? Or even table salt. A less filling and more mouth drying than regular / recently cooked meat.
  9. Not having to use a tinder should be a level 4 expertise buff instead of a level 3...
  10. Tinder should give a small bonus to successfully light a fire when not needing it. The general success of creating a fire should be lowered in certain items like book.
  11. Use Newspaper and cat tails should be used as fuel, once a fire is already place. Much like adding a torch, it shouldn't be much, but being stuck in between using sticks that add 15 min and a cider wood that adds 45 when i just want to heat a tea is... stressful.
  12. You should actually get ideas of the bear / wolf / rabbit cloth crafting when you get to a certain level of melding and carving. Or by reading books.
  13. There should be more items to craft, like a spear, a long bow (with more power than the regular one but requires more strength to draw giving less time on target - also lowering the survival bow damage, killing wolves with one arrow seems a little to good), Crossbows maybe (Requires a certain level of archery and difficult to craft bolts), home made fire weapons with lower condition and a higher probability of misfire / jam.
  14. Well feed bonus should be acquired in a week, not 3 days.
  15. Climbing axes for stamina reduction while climbing and a struggle weapon when needed
  16. Some clothes are way to similar one to another, twinkling the warm and wind proof, a more logical Outer layer for wind and physical protection and a inner for warmer cloths. Some pieces of cloth are considerable superior to another, and having a slight more variety in combination of weight / warm / windproof rate should take place for more advanced stages of surviving. Pretty much its resumed as the more weight the better and running is already not necessary when well armed, it's just a time consuming mechanic.


I'm truly sorry to had taken the time of the unfortunate victim that found this post. But I just love this game... getting it in EPIC store for free and giving a try with 0 expectation (and completely blind about it) and finding such an amazing gem, took me by surprise and would love it to grow and keep getting better and better as it have been for the past year.


Good luck surviving in the Great Bear Island and Have fun!

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Days should last longer, I'm having a better time with a x2 in custom, feels more natural, considering days pass while sleeping and doing activities. (Maybe changing the fatigue / sleep mechanic should override this one)

Boy, you do live in a Tropical climate!  Imagine it being dark until 10am, and then dark again by 4pm.  :)

That said, great list of suggestions.  I'm sure you understand that many of the fictions adopted by the game are purely for gameplay / mechanic reasons.  But a lot of your suggestions would also make for an interesting "mode" if it were available.

And welcome!

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I think the thirst thing is obvious. When you can't even sleep to full rest without taking damage from dehydration something is not right. I completely support increasing the thirst storage capacity to be double or triple of what it currently is.

Just to mention though, people living in colder climates do not need 3-4L per day. As someone who has lived in both hot/humid and cold/dry places there is a pretty huge difference in how much liquid you need.

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