Buff to moose hide cloak


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Its kind of strange to see that the rarest, most difficult to craft clothing piece, has some disapointing warmth and windchill stats. I only suggest two things:

- buff to windchill from +4 to +7

-reduction of weight from 4 kg to 3.5 kg or 3 kg

This would kinda make it into the ultimate outer layer, having awsome protection, insulation and windchill bonus while having mediocre warmth. This also wouldnt make the expedition parka useless, each having their own benefits and repercussions.

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4 hours ago, Vaino420 said:

I agree, buffing the windchill would make it more useful and unique, currently it's pretty much useless unless you are planning on wrestling with wolves

Yeah right now theres really no incentive in crafting it over the satchel its one hundred times more useful

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