34 yo dude from northern Sweden


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Hi all. Don't hang around in internet forums much any more but this game is engaging enough that I both wanted to contribute some ideas and report a bug or two. I pretty much only play single player mystery or puzzle games. Big fan of The Room series. But The Long Dark is very therapeutic to me as I imagine it is for a lot of you, and I just binged Wintermute and really enjoyed that, apart for the more tedious missions with mainly a lot of walking. Love the story and the concept of a Sun storm knocking out electricity being visible as an aurora borealis. Also the tragic past of the protagonists.

On a personal level I'm a systems developer working mostly in web development but consider game development as well. There is so much fun to be done. Had an idea years ago to integrate your training results in games to make your character stronger if you keep a healthy lifestyle IRL etc.

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