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Navigation: Compass (self explanatory)

Constellations: Don't need the whole nights sky mapped out, but Big Dipper and Orion would be extremely helpful. Jupiter Venus Saturn and Mars would enhance that. 

Body Temp: Player required to shed some layers when it feels like 104 degrees inside the cabin with a fire. 

Sweat Mechanic: Elevated body temp (being inside when its hot, or sprinting too frequently) causes clothing to get wet. Could add hypothermia risk too. 

Flashlight: Batteries retain charge for 48 hours after and aurora. Currently I don't bother carrying it around. Ever. 

Crosshair: Always on option, helps when trying to point autorun and hitting my vape at the same time.

Firewood Axe: Bigger limbs, better payout

Branches: it should not take 15 minutes to break down to sticks 

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