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Windows 7, cloud sync enabled

My Keybindings always return to the default bindings after starting the game. I can change them to my needs ingame and it says "saving". While playing eveything works just fine. After closing TlD and starting again, the keys are set to default again and i have to change them again.

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Hinterland is aware of the keybind reset problem and has been working on a fix.  No prediction of when it comes out but it should be in a hotfix sooner or later.  It wasn't ready in time for the fix for Badges and Feats hotfix.

Suggested work-arounds have tended to be temporary.  The key point is whether the keybinds hold when the game itself is ended (and not the save game) and reloaded from scratch.  The keybind problem seems to stem from when the game starts up.  It has been annoying. 

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I'm highly positive it's related to the synchronization.  I just replaced my HDD, fresh install of Windows and everything else. I was still having the key-binding issue; The only thing consistent was the synchronization. 

This might only be a temporary fix, but it's worked for me thus far:

1. Turn of Sync in Steam for TLD only (Right-click the game title in your library, select "properties", change the tab to "Updates" and on the bottom there is a selection for synch. Make sure it's unchecked.)

2.Close Steam.

3. Restart Steam. Play TLD.

4. Make your key-bindings in the menu. Play the game, ensuring it saves(I just went out/indoors). 

5. Quit the game. 

6. Do the opposite of step 1. for Turning on Sync. (I still restarted Steam afterward,  just because).

7. Play TLD without having to set your key-bindings again.

Because this has worked for me is why I believe it's a synch issue.

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