New primitive weapons and traps


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I wish they would add more weapons but I don't want guns I was thinking they could add something primitive like an atlatl (It's like a spear throwing device.) and maybe more traps like dead-falls that can be meant to kill deer and could take 3 hours to build or bird snares that could catch ravens  and you could get feathers.Also if they can add a way to make jerky that would be amazing.

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Listen to this two tracks and tell me if you want them to be in game or not and hear is links

1, I'm Marta from life of other movie

2, piano track from the amazing life of pulan movie.

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This really got me thinking what if they added a building platform?you could build an entire cabin dedicated to food or firewood and make it look neat.And for more weapons you could add a war bow meant for hunting big game just say you have to create bigger broad-heads then you can use that survival bow for deer and rabbits like it's made for and stop getting broken ribs from moose. 

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I know it this thread is already getting pretty off topic, but:

On 7/1/2020 at 12:58 AM, ManicManiac said:

Also I dislike the idea of being able to build things all over the place.  I think it would disrupt the very deliberate balancing that I think Hinterland achieves with each region.


However, getting back to the topic of more weapons: 
I recommend the search function, as there has been a lot of very good discussion about this very topic in many previous threads...

On 6/9/2019 at 1:39 AM, ManicManiac said:

Frankly, I think we already have all the weapons/defenses we need.  Once again, I am concerned that if there are too many weapons in this game that it will undermine a fundamental part of what I think the spirit of the game is.  We already have: Rocks, knives, hatches, heavy hammers, pry bars, Snares, Decoys, Torches, Flairs, Bow/Arrows, Flair Gun, Rifle, and Revolver...(and as I mention before we might eventually have the Bear Spear too!)

On 1/7/2020 at 8:53 AM, ManicManiac said:

I think we have all the weapons we could possibly need.  (though I am still hopeful the bear spear will still make an appearance in survival in the future --- definitely not a necessity, but since it was spoke of by the Hinterland team... I'm eager to see what they'll come up with for it)

On 6/9/2019 at 2:13 AM, ManicManiac said:

Also, it goes back again to that feeling of vulnerability.  If you have too many weapons, you end up feeling like you are safe...on top of the food chain again.  I'd argue that the heart of this game is feeling isolated and vulnerable.  That we don't have everything we need to be on top... that we have to struggle, move carefully, and gauge risk and reward.  I tend to think that adding a more and more weapons will take away from that.  Which is why I don't think we need any more of them.


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