Corona Mass Ejection soon


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On 12/10/2020 at 9:59 AM, exeexe said:

Obviously it wasn't or I wouldn't be replying but Geomagnetic Storms strong enough to cause the events to occur as they did in the long dark are rare the last one that big occurred on September 2, 1859 it was good that it happened then as electricity wasn't so wide spread making it fairly easy to recover from. It really only effected the telagram making it work when disconnected as it was powered from what they called "Auroral Current" if it happens today then we might see the events of the long dark as irl electrical infrastructure would be completely ruined around the world with only simple electronics being powered by the so called Auroral Current. computers and smart phones (and other sensitive electronics) probably wouldn't work as they have sensitive components and I'm sure they would just be completely fried not to mention the internet would be destroyed. 

Still it takes a powerful geomagnetic storm to cause any worry and those aren't common we really only get small ones that may slightly interfere with communication but nothing major.





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